Dale Dorch for the Illinois State House of Representatives

For the first time in its history, Illinois Conservatives are announcing its support of a candidate that is not a member of the Republican Party.  As a member of the Constitution Party, Dorch is running for Illinois State House of Representatives in the 117th district.  Dorch is the first Constitution Party candidate to ever get on the ballot for the Illinois State House. Dorch is running against Incumbent Democrat John Bradley and Republican Chris McCann 

Dorch’s political platform includes fiscal responsibility, including cutting taxes.  He is opposed to the infringement of Second Amendment rights, and supports passage conceal carry in Illinois.  Dorch also believes in the sanctity of life, from conception with out exceptions, As Dale says “It’s not the baby’s fault and the baby should not be murdered.”  Finally, he views the U.S. Constitution as a legally binding document and, as representative, Dale Dorch will defend the constitution and fight for the rights of the state under the constitution.  

When told about the endorsement Dale Dorch said “I am honored to receive the endorsement of such a well-respected and principled group such as the Illinois Conservatives. As a Constitution Party candidate I knew this would be an uphill campaign, but with the support of the Illinois Conservatives I don’t feel alone in the fight for true reform.”

As President of the Illinois Conservatives I believe that this is an important endorsement for the group. Dale Dorch is a successful small business owner and would bring a lot of insight to the Illinois State House. The Illinois Conservatives are proud to endorse Constitution Candidate Dale Dorch for State Representative in the 117th district.” added Zach Oltmanns President of the Illinois Conservatives. 


PR Done By: Ellen Blokus

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