For as long as anyone can remember Illinois has had more taxing bodies than any other state. Illinois has a total of 6,963 (Illinois Policy) taxing bodies with over 1,400 of them being township governments. 84 of the 101 counties in Illinois operate using the township form of government. 61% of Illinois citizens are currently being taxed by City, County, and Township. That is the highest percentage in the entire country.

Townships are given specific powers under the Illinois Constitution (60ILCS 1/85-13). Below I have listed the responsibilities that townships have currently and who I believe could take them over if township governments were eliminated.


(A) Public safety (including law enforcement, fire protection and building code enforcement)

– Counties, Villages, and Cities can and in most cases already have taken over law enforcement and code enforcement. Fire Protection for the most part have their own boards and are taxing bodies.


(B) Environmental protection (including sewage disposal, sanitation and pollution abatement)

– Counties, Villages, Cities, and the State of Illinois can pick up the slack in this department. Most County and City governments already have environmental protection standards. The State of Illinois already has high protection standards.

(C) Public transportation (including transit systems, paratransit systems and streets and roads)

– County, City, and State Governments already offer Public Transportation. Transportation Systems are also expanding to rural areas thanks to Federal and State tax dollars funding the systems. Roads and Streets under the care of townships can be moved to county control.


(D) Health

-County and City. Counties and bigger Cities already have Health Departments.

(E) Recreation

-Recreation property can be gifted to non-profit agencies or to County and City Governments.

(F) Libraries

-Some Libraries are already their own taxing bodies. The ones that are not could be taken over by cities or villages.

(G) Social services for the poor and aged

-Local, State, and Federal Governments.



If you don’t agree with get rid of them all together, how about merging some of them together?