The Choice: Pat Quinn or Bruce Rauner

There are 3 candidates on the ballot for Governor; Pat Quinn, Bruce Rauner and Chad Grimm.  Many people are still undecided even with only a few days left until the election.  It is for this reason that Illinois Conservatives has decided to weigh in on the election to help in that decision process.

Let’s take a look at the candidates:

Pat Quinn

Quinn has been Governor now for 6 years, taking over the now jailed Rod Blagojevich. Below of some of the reasons Pat Quinn must not be re-elected.

  • Under multiple corruption probes
  • Real unemployment rate of 18.1%
  • Food stamp growth outpacing job growth 2 – 1
  • Raised personal income taxes by 67% and corporate taxes by 30%
  • Wants to make the temporary tax increase permanent
  • Wants to implement a progressive income tax
  • His fiscal policies have brought Illinois the lowest credit rating in the nation
  • Second highest property taxes in the nation, #1 in the Midwest
  • Highest percentage of people wanting to leave the state – 50%
  • Highest pension debt
  • Ranked 48 in taking care of the disabled
  • Lowest private sector job growth in Midwest
  • Lost 49,000 manufacturing jobs

Chad Grimm

Grimm has run for office twice before and lost.  He currently manages a gym in Peoria. Some of his positions are as follows:

  • Eliminate the Minimum Wage Completely
  • Legalize Heroin and Marijuana
  • Abolish Public Schools
  • Allowing Adults to Bring Assault Rifles into Schools
  • Has allied himself with anti-Rauner Quinn supporters
  • Has stated his goal is not to win but to get 5% of the vote


Grimm lacks a thorough knowledge of current Illinois policies.  An example was stating in an interview with WTAX the current tax rate is 7% when it is actually 5%.


Bruce Rauner

Rauner is a businessman who is a self-made multi-millionaire.  One of his investment jobs was handling millions of dollars from state run retirement systems. His acumen here produced more than double the average return.  He has released overviews of how he will govern with finances, educational priorities, and ethics.

Pat Quinn is an abject failure.  Chad Grimm has sold out any principles to Quinn’s Democrat allies and has no intention of running to win.  Neither Quinn nor Grimm can be trusted by conservatives with their progressive ties and allegiances.

That leaves only one choice for Illinois conservative voters, Bruce Rauner.  While we certainly do not agree on all of Rauner’s social issues, he is no doubt more closely aligned to conservative values than to the progressive policies and the appointments Quinn will make.

On fiscal issues, Rauner’s business expertise is greatly needed. Quinn’s policies have driven far too many business out of Illinois and we need a business minded governor that knows how to attract business and jobs to Illinois.  It is time Illinois focused on growing the private sector instead of growing government.

Illinois has a spending problem, not a revenue problem and we need someone who knows how to get spending and revenue in alignment. It is for these reasons that Illinois Conservatives recommends that conservatives vote for Bruce Rauner on Nov. 4.