Tea Partiers and 9-12er’s – Who Are We?

The oh, so clueless mainstream media continues to struggle in its concurrent efforts to delegitimize as well as define the Tea Party movement.  A commentary from National Public Radio, Who Is the Tea Party? There’s No Short Answer is one of many on any given day that illustrates my point.  So would it have been easier for those who insist upon traditional organizational charts, leadership hierarchies, and bureaucratic nightmares to define the Tea Party movement if we had simply called ourselves ‘patriots’?  Do patriotic Americans need to be defined by a leader or titular head in order to be legitimized?  Did anyone expect a leader to step forward for the ‘silent majority’? 

Of course, not!  The ‘silent majority’ knew who they were.  The ‘silent majority’ was a representation of Americans who devoutly subscribed to our American values, culture, Constitution, freedom, and sovereignty.  But when a Marxist president and Congress began to show their true intentions in 2009, that ‘silent majority’ recognized the threat and developed a ‘voice’ – and it is silent no more.  No one told us how to think and what to believe before 2009 – that hasn’t changed one iota.  But now we are vocal. Now we are angry. And now we are applying the personal responsibility that we had let lie dormant for too long and our commitment is to restore what we hold most sacred from what was built by our founding fathers.

We never needed a political party to define our beliefs.  Fortunately, and for a good period of time, there were two major political parties that shared most of those beliefs.  One of those parties has been dead for a while in the eyes of patriots – the Democratic Party unabashedly eschews patriotism.  But if we view the Democrats as dead, they we must view the Republicans as deaf.  Too many of them lip synch the words of the party platform, but are unable, if not unwilling, to hear the concerns of the people they have left behind.  What little structure we do have is essentially to enhance networking and communications – not edicts.  We prefer not to form a political party to restore our nation, but we will claim ownership for the people who choose to carry that banner and we promise to hold them accountable.  In the meanwhile, the media will continue to march toward oblivion because they’ll likely never ‘get it’ – they wouldn’t recognize principles if they saw them.  As for the Tea Partiers and 9-12er’s on the other hand – we’ll stay engaged and will keep our voices and actions both loud and purposeful.  And pity be to those who dare to get in the way of patriots.

Rick Newton