We can and we do make a difference

Sunday, January 15th, 2012
For those of you who don’t think one vote or one voice can make a difference. Just think back to Mitt Romney’s 8 vote win in Iowa, 8 votes. We can and we do make a difference. My worry right now is this whole primary nonsense about candidates not getting on the ballot. Now this has surfaced here in Illinois. This is not fair and something needs to be changed. I have decided who I am voting for but there are many who have not decided. I believe it some kind of ploy by the mucky-mucks in Illinois (Chicago) politics to control things and get elected who they want.
Let me just say that I am a staunch conservative christian. I believe in our rights and liberties as expressed by our founders, 52 of which were active members of their local church. Furthermore I believe that the Bible is the infallable Word of God and it is the final authority on everything. God has blessed this nation greatly.
There are a lot of things happening right now and our only option is to turn to God for guidance and to stay in constant prayer about all situations. So, as you go to the polls this year do it in prayer. God bless & thank you.
Christopher DeWitt
IC Blogger

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