Illinois Conservatives endorse the Illinois Policy Institute’s budget plan

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The biggest issue in Illinois is building to a volcanic crescendo. That issue is the state budget. As everyone knows, there has been a deadlock on the budget since Bruce Rauner was elected governor. The pressure to pass a budget has become so great that Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno (R) and Senate Majority Leader John Cullerton (D) met to devise a “Grand Bargain.” The plan consisted of 13 separate bills that were heavy on revenue increases in the form of tax increases and borrowing, and light in spending cuts and reforms. The public outcry was so great that the planned votes were tabled until new bills could be created to be voted on the week of February 7th.
In the meantime, the credit agencies have responded to our budget impasse with yet another downgrade of our credit rating. This means that borrowing for the state is more expensive than it was when the “Grand Bargain” was formulated. Even if every provision of all 13 bills could be passed, the “Grand Bargain” as constructed is not balanced. It loses money. Every Illinoisan knows that when times are tough, we need to cut back. We do it in our personal lives all the time. This is nothing new. Unfortunately, in the Twilight Zone that is Springfield, the thought of cutting spending is laughed at. We are told that any serious budget proposal must have a significant revenue component. We are told that this revenue is in the form of additional taxes and borrowing from our future. Growth is not a consideration. These budget schemes and perceptions are what have driven the exodus of citizens from our great state. There is a plan that can reverse this trend. There is a plan that can grow the tax base… a plan that can reduce the scope of government… keep pensions solvent AND hold to the state constitution… a plan that can balance the budget without raising taxes or going further into debt.
This past Tuesday, the Illinois Policy Institute released their plan: Budget Solutions 2018. The IPI budget proposal is a plan that really looks at the budget cost drivers, shows how out of line they are with our neighbors, and what can be done about them with the least impact on rendering services to Illinoisans. All of the news stories and op-ed columns recently have pushed the narrative that we have to accept that revenue (tax) increases will and must be part of any budget solution. We submit that this is a false narrative. One can look at the tax increases in 2010 under Governor Pat Quinn as the proof. The rates were slightly higher than what was proposed in the “Grand Bargain.” Did it balance the budget? No. Did it expedite the outward migration of our citizens and dwindle down the tax base? You bet it did. Will the “Grand Bargain” do the same? Without a doubt.
Raising taxes is the easiest thing for politicians to do. They know they have a captive audience that can’t lobby Springfield, while they can assure their donors that they will not need to make changes in their pet programs. We elect our representatives to make tough, adult decisions. The Illinois Policy Institute budget plan maps out these slightly tough, but decidedly adult decisions. Illinois Conservatives endorses this plan.


Link to IPI Budget



Illinois Conservatives Interview Series: State Representative Allen Skillicorn

It’s time to cut Illinois property taxes

Illinois Conservatives Endorse First Candidate of 2016

(Oregon, IL) Illinois Conservatives Endorse First Candidate of 2016

State Representative Avery Bourne has been a fresh and conservative voice in Springfield since being appointed in February 2015. A graduate of Pawnee High School she has been able to give a local voice of reason to the debate on how to fix Illinois. Bourne has been a strong voice for the agriculture and veteran communities. 

Avery Bourne is a strong conservative – strong supporter of the 2nd amendment and unashamedly pro-life. Avery, believes that government should get out of the way so small businesses can create jobs.

For more information you can also visit


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The Choice: Pat Quinn or Bruce Rauner

There are 3 candidates on the ballot for Governor; Pat Quinn, Bruce Rauner and Chad Grimm.  Many people are still undecided even with only a few days left until the election.  It is for this reason that Illinois Conservatives has decided to weigh in on the election to help in that decision process.

Let’s take a look at the candidates:

Pat Quinn

Quinn has been Governor now for 6 years, taking over the now jailed Rod Blagojevich. Below of some of the reasons Pat Quinn must not be re-elected.

  • Under multiple corruption probes
  • Real unemployment rate of 18.1%
  • Food stamp growth outpacing job growth 2 – 1
  • Raised personal income taxes by 67% and corporate taxes by 30%
  • Wants to make the temporary tax increase permanent
  • Wants to implement a progressive income tax
  • His fiscal policies have brought Illinois the lowest credit rating in the nation
  • Second highest property taxes in the nation, #1 in the Midwest
  • Highest percentage of people wanting to leave the state – 50%
  • Highest pension debt
  • Ranked 48 in taking care of the disabled
  • Lowest private sector job growth in Midwest
  • Lost 49,000 manufacturing jobs

Chad Grimm

Grimm has run for office twice before and lost.  He currently manages a gym in Peoria. Some of his positions are as follows:

  • Eliminate the Minimum Wage Completely
  • Legalize Heroin and Marijuana
  • Abolish Public Schools
  • Allowing Adults to Bring Assault Rifles into Schools
  • Has allied himself with anti-Rauner Quinn supporters
  • Has stated his goal is not to win but to get 5% of the vote


Grimm lacks a thorough knowledge of current Illinois policies.  An example was stating in an interview with WTAX the current tax rate is 7% when it is actually 5%.


Bruce Rauner

Rauner is a businessman who is a self-made multi-millionaire.  One of his investment jobs was handling millions of dollars from state run retirement systems. His acumen here produced more than double the average return.  He has released overviews of how he will govern with finances, educational priorities, and ethics.

Pat Quinn is an abject failure.  Chad Grimm has sold out any principles to Quinn’s Democrat allies and has no intention of running to win.  Neither Quinn nor Grimm can be trusted by conservatives with their progressive ties and allegiances.

That leaves only one choice for Illinois conservative voters, Bruce Rauner.  While we certainly do not agree on all of Rauner’s social issues, he is no doubt more closely aligned to conservative values than to the progressive policies and the appointments Quinn will make.

On fiscal issues, Rauner’s business expertise is greatly needed. Quinn’s policies have driven far too many business out of Illinois and we need a business minded governor that knows how to attract business and jobs to Illinois.  It is time Illinois focused on growing the private sector instead of growing government.

Illinois has a spending problem, not a revenue problem and we need someone who knows how to get spending and revenue in alignment. It is for these reasons that Illinois Conservatives recommends that conservatives vote for Bruce Rauner on Nov. 4.

Moline Firefighter Announces Candidacy for Illinois State Senate

Rock Island, IL – Surrounded by family and friends, Neil Anderson, a Moline firefighter, announced his candidacy to be the next State Senator for the 36th District.

“I am running for the State Senate because it’s time for new leadership, new energy and a new direction in Illinois,” said Neil Anderson. “I am not a politician, I am just a dad that wants to take the fight to Springfield and challenge the status quo.”

Anderson, a Republican, was joined at his announcement by his wife Brandi and their children, Steele and Sophia.

“I am not running to make a career out of elected office, I am running to make a difference for our families,” Anderson added. “On day one, I will refuse to accept the pension and healthcare perks offered to state legislators and I will work to enact term limits for state officeholders.”

Also joining Neil at his announcement was Sen. Christine Radogno, the IL Senate Minority Leader, Congressman Bobby Schilling, State Senator Darin LaHood, State Senator Tim Bivins and numerous local community and business leaders.

“Neil Anderson is exactly the kind of new leader this state needs to be successful again,” said Radogno. “Neil can genuinely relate to the challenges that families are facing in Illinois and will bring that perspective to the legislature.”

Congressman Schilling added, “I’ve known Neil for a long time. He is a leader that understands the value of service to others and I have no doubt that residents of the 36th district would be proud to call him Senator.”

The 36th District has been represented by Mike Jacobs since 2005. In that time, Illinois has been in a steady decline and currently owns the nations 2nd highest jobless rate, worst credit rating, record levels of debt & billions in unpaid bills. In 2011, Senator Jacobs supported the largest tax hike in Illinois history.

“Neil understands the devastating effect misguided policies are having on our state,” stated Sen. LaHood. “He is committed to rolling back the 2011 income tax hike and enacting meaningful tort reform, both of which will create jobs and grow the economy in Illinois.”

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BREAKING NEWS: Jim Oberweis to run for U.S. Senate

Update 1: Oberweis had a staffer passing out petitions at the regular Downers Grove Township Republican meeting. Date and time for a formal/official announcement is TBA.


BREAKING: State Senator Jim Oberweis is running against Senator Dick Durbin in the U.S. Senate race in 2014. Details are limited.

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Making A Bachelor’s Degree Cost $10,000?

No Labels: Liberal Slant? (Part One)

Official Statement

In light of the recent email composed by Jim Allen regarding Erika Harold, the Illinois Conservatives would like to take this opportunity to rescind support of Allen, who is the Montgomery County GOP Chairman. Allen unnecessarily pointed a finger at Harold, calling her a “street walker” and referring to the Democratic party as her “pimps”. The Illinois Conservatives do not support the extraneous name calling, or comments which are racist and sexist. In light of this email, we would like for Allen to step down from his post as Montgomery County GOP Chairman.


Stefanie Nissen

Public Relations Director of the Illinois Conservatives

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