Tea Party and Foreign Policy

We are excited!

In 2008 the Democrats were excited about the elections, they knew they were going to win large majorities and even the White House. Barack Obama had them fired up. Now, just two years later, we the conservatives/Republicans are the excited ones. We are ready for this election.
In late June, I walked a parade in my hometown for Sam McCann who is running for state senate. Republicans also had walkers for Wayne Rosenthal, the next State Representative from my district, as well as a few local candidates. All the Democrats had was one lousy truck advertising Charles Landers who is running against Rosenthal, and that truck left the parade early, because he knew the Republicans had stolen the day.
During the July 4th weekend, I was in Iowa and went to a 4th of July parade and the Republicans had a large float supporting all of their candidates. The Democrats had nothing!
In my town/district there are signs in yards and on the roadside supporting Rosenthal and McCann, but nobody has any Democratic signs up.
Now I know it may still be early in the campaign season, but I can already tell Republicans/conservatives are excited about this election and we will win many seats. We need to help these candidates who have donated so much of their time to run as “common sense” conservatives who are nervous about the way our state and nation are heading. So please in this crucial time in our nation’s history, donate some of your time to help these guys win: you can stuff envelopes, make phone calls, walk your town and district, donate a few bucks, etc… but please, help us take our country and state back!

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