Winners & Losers with Illinois Gay Marriage Passage

Warning: Campaign Season Ahead!

Which one would stay Rutherford or Topinka?

CHICAGO (WLS) – The Illinois Comptroller and Treasurer’s office is one step closer to be being a combined office but who’s staying and who’s leaving?
Illinois comptroller Judy Baar Topinka tells the Cisco Cotto Show, we shouldn’t focus on who would leave office.
“This is something bigger than the two of us. Neither of us may be running for those offices. The big thing is though, we start restructuring government,” Topinka said.
The Illinois Senate voted 55-0 last week in favor of a constitutional amendment to combine the offices. It would save taxpayers $12 million a year.
State Treasurer Dan Rutherford says if the Illinois House approves the consolidation as the Illinois Senate did then it would be up to the voters.
“Then it goes to the ballot in the November 2012 election. The general public has to vote on it to change the Illinois constitution,” Rutherford said.
The new combined office would take effect in the 2014 election.

By: Monica DeSantis
Source: WLS Online

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