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 Dr. Gill lost to Rodney Davis in the run to become the next US Rep. for the IL 13CD.  But Gill blames “dark money groups” who “misinformed” voters about his record.


 Sure, it was the “dark money groups”. Gill’s loss had nothing to do with him running 4 times and losing each time? Think about that for a moment. For nearly a decade, Dr. Gill has been a candidate for federal office. At this point, I would say the voters knew  well who Dr. Gill was and where he stood on the issues.


According to a spokesperson for Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics – the group representing Gill:


 “Under the law as it’s written, 501(c)(4) groups are required to be operated exclusively for social welfare purposes and not for political purposes.”


 So, Dr. Gill is upset about losing a close race. Maybe he thought the 4th time was the charm? Better yet, perhaps Dr. Gill should also sue the groups that fed money into his campaign to ads on his behalf since their efforts did not produce a win for him – the same 501(c)4 groups he and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics are complaining about. What 501(c)4 groups donated to Dr. Gill’s campaign? Great question! Fortunately for us, has the answer!

 Here’s the real deal. Since Citizen’s United was ruled correctly by the Supreme Court, the liberal left has decried PACs donating money and running ads against their candidates. Prior to Citizen’s United, they had no problems with unions, left-leaning PACs, etc. running ads against Republican candidates.  In fact, the left reveled in the fact that outside money poured into various campaigns. Now? Not so much.


 Going through Dr. Gill’s list of donors from this past run, I believe the real question is how the University of Illinois was allowed to give over $32,000 to a candidate running  for office? The U of I is largely funded through our tax dollars here in Illinois along with generous donations from alumni & friends of the university. So how is it that a tax payer funded institution could or should be listed as a donor?


 Oh well, Dr. Gill. 5th time might be the charm and 2014 will be here soon enough. Ten years trying for the same office… That has to be some kind of Guiness Book World Record or something.


By: Brian Milleville

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