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Illinois Conservatives Announce First Endorsement for 2012

November 29, 2011

Illinois Conservatives Announce First Endorsement for 2012,
Jason Plummer, candidate for 12th Congressional District
Plummer will bring common sense values back to Washington

Oregon, IL – The Illinois Conservatives are proud to announce their first endorsement for the 2012 elections, Jason Plummer for the 12th Congressional District. Plummer, the 2010 Republican Nominee for Lt Governor, resides in O’Fallon.

Plummer, a small businessman and Intelligence Officer in the Navy Reserves, says he promises to bring common sense values back to Washington, DC when elected.

“We’ve always had a strong relationship with Jason, the entire leadership board agrees that he fits our group perfectly. We pride ourselves on getting young conservatives engaged in politics and Jason is a prime example of what success looks like for young people in politics,” said President of the Illinois Conservatives, Zach Oltmanns.

Plummer was previously endorsed by the Illinois Conservatives when he ran for Lieutenant Governor in 2010. His views match those of the Illinois Conservatives – lower taxes, less spending, pro-life, a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and being focused on bringing jobs back to the hardworking taxpayers of Illinois.

Members of the Illinois Conservatives agree, and in getting this endorsement Plummer will get the same type of support that made his Lt. Governor primary a success: grassroots assistance, outreach to younger votes, and additional volunteers to augment his campaign.

“The Illinois Conservatives are very excited about Jason’s candidacy and the opportunity for a strong conservative to be elected to this congressional seat,” said Oltmanns. “Jason’s candidacy has brought promises from the national level to make this seat a top priority this election cycle. We look forward to turning the 12th red with Jason’s team.”

The Illinois Conservatives, a leading conservative grassroots organization in Illinois, believe in conservative ideologies and supports political candidates who share in those beliefs for the betterment of the State of Illinois.

Questions? Email zach@theicfg.com

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I bet Jason Plummer would have taken the job a little more seriously


Illinois Conservatives Endorse Six Candidates for General Election

The Campaign

The best way and really the only way for Conservatives to take back this state is for us to work together. We need to run something close to a statewide campaign to take back this State. As the President of the Illinois Conservatives I have tried to instill this idea on my fellow leadership members. You know the Madigan-Chicago Machine will be organized. We need to work together. I know that most if not all the Tea Party groups’ wont support Kirk and most if not all the GOP Central Committees will support Kirk. So lets move on to something we can agree about. How about Bill Brady and Jason Plummer? How about guys like Peter Roskam, Don Manzullo, Robert Schilling, Randy Hultgren, etc. We have to run a campaign to make this happen. We have to retake our state. The Madigan machine will do everything they can to win and I mean everything. Morally I don’t think any of us want to do the things Madigan does. Although a true grassroots campaign with all of us working together will be successful I will promise you that. The Madigan-Chicago machine has gotten the first victory of this election cycle with the judicial decision not to let Cedra Crenshaw on the ballot. She is an African American mother just trying to help her state. The machine doesn’t care what sex you are or what color you are. If you don’t agree with them you are a target. So today I am calling on ALL conservatives and conservative groups throughout the state to come together. This includes 9-12 groups, Tea Party Groups, GOP central committees, Young Republican Groups, and etc. The Illinois Conservatives will join hands with you guys and get to work in our broken state. So, the process of taking back our state starts today!

Zachary S. Oltmanns

President of the Illinois Conservatives

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