Could Mark Kirk Hurt Down Ticket Republicans if He Runs in 2016

200px-Mark_Steven_Kirk,_official_photo_portrait_colorIn 2010 Mark Kirk won in the highly contested U.S. Senate race against Alexi Giannoulias (D). However, his win didn’t translate to many other GOP victories in the state. The Republican nominees for governor Bill Brady and Lt Governor Jason Plummer both lost in a extremely tight race. Mark Kirk received much of his support from Independents and Blue-Dog Democrats, and because of that very few down ticket Republicans benefited from him being on the ticket. The status of the Republican Party in Illinois is still very weak even after the Bruce Rauner win in 2014. Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth has already announced a run against Senator Kirk. Duckworth will be one of, if not the top, candidates that the Democrats will put out in the entire nation. Senator Kirk continues to have health issues after his heartbreaking and debilitating stroke. Senator Mark Kirk appears to be the most endangered Republican Incumbent Senator in 2016. Duckworth will no doubt have a lot of money to spend and she already has a big backing nationally.

The Republicans need to have a candidate that rallies the base. If the base gets excited and turns out, that could help the Republicans in the Illinois House pick up the one seat they need to breaking the super majority in Springfield. Breaking the super majority in Springfield would give Governor Rauner more flexibility in Springfield. One might ask what Republicans in Illinois excite the base? Some of the following come to mind: former Congresssman Bobby Schilling from the 17th District, former Lt Governor nominee Jason Plummer, and Congressman Adam Kinzinger from the 16th District. In Kinzinger’s case, despite having strained ties with many conservative groups, such a run could help mend the fences if he is the nominee and goes against Duckworth.

The consensus among many Republicans both in Illinois and in DC is that Senator Mark Kirk does not have the capability to run an active and energetic campaign against a solid campaigner like Duckworth who can rake in big campaign bucks and a state that has typically been blue for a number of years. With 2016 being a Presidential year and many democrats being very excited about Tammy Duckworth being the likely nominee the odds of the Republicans losing in a landslide in Illinois is heightened. The Republicans could lose seats in both the Illinois House and Senate where the Democrats already have the super majority. Without a strong Senate candidate Republicans could also lose in the 10th district where a rematch has already been set up against Robert Dold and Brad Schneider.

Senator Kirk has served with honor in the military and has had a successful political career running for Congress and for US Senate as a Republican in the home state of President Obama. If Senator Mark Kirk wishes for his seat to remain in Republican hands, it is best he step aside and allow a Schilling, Plummer or Kinzinger to step up and run an active and energetic campaign to defeat the Democrat Machine’s Tammy Duckworth.

Obama, Beck coming to Chicago on same April date

Perhaps the famous marquee at the Chicago Theater should read: “When political worlds collide.”

The landmark theater will feature conservative talk show host and author Glenn Beck on April 14 — the same day that a frequent target of his criticism, President Barack Obama, is supposed to return home for a brief fundraising visit.

Tickets to “Glenn Beck Live” range from $35 to $95. Obama is coming back to his hometown to schmooze prominent Democratic fundraising bundlers who are being asked to raise $350,000 each by the end of the year in preparation for his re-election bid.

Chicago also is home to Obama’s re-election campaign headquarters.

By: Rick Pearson
Source: Chicago Tribune

Healthcare Statement

Turns out, yes he can. President Obama has shown the country that yes, he can do the secret backroom deals and kickbacks that he promised to eschew. That yes, he can confuse and complicate a process and fog it over with last-minute “emotional pleas.” Yes, he can force Americans to buy a product. And yes, he can orchestrate a government take-over of 1/6 of the American economy.

While President Obama once campaigned on transparency and bi-partisan cooperation, he and Nancy Pelosi have shown us that not only is it politics as usual with them—but on a bigger, more jaded and oppositional level than we’ve ever seen.

Instead of working with Republicans to work on a deal that could’ve resulted in something the over-taxed and weary American people supported, and instead of bringing a bill that would unite the country, Obama used totalitarian tactics to ram through a bill that has bi-partisan opposition, that we can’t pay for, that no one understands and that grows the government in baffling ways. We needed health-care reform. But the cost of this reform is something none of us should have to pay.

Here are a few of the biggest costs of our new health care:

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  • Four NEW government agencies will be created to oversee it
  • $569 Billion dollars in job-killing tax hikes
  • $1.2 Trillion in new government spending
  • 16,500 new IRS workers to enforce all the new taxes and penalties
  • $200 Billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage, hurting millions of seniors
  • An increase to federal deficits by $59 Billion over the next ten years when the cost of the “doc fix” legislation is added back into the bill
  • Raiding Medicare and Social Security to grow the size of government and pay for a new entitlement
  • Government mandates on what insurance you can have

Throughout this year-long debate, the American people supported common-sense health- care reforms aimed at lowering health-care costs. This bill lacks common sense. The health-care plan that passed last night does not allow individuals to buy health care across state lines, it does not allow small businesses to pool together to purchase plans at lower costs, and it does not deter junk lawsuits from being brought forth.

Our president and members of Congress failed to hear the voices of the majority of the American people. Perhaps they’ll hear us clearer in November.