Tea Party and Foreign Policy

The appearance of the Tea Party on Capitol Hill has sent shockwaves throughout the neo-conservatives and traditional Libertarians.

Rand Paul’s Speech regarding Libya and the Constitution sets the tone for some feisty upcoming foreign policy debates.


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Disrespectful “Leaders”

America’s Left is just plain disrespectful; not just the mainstream media, but now even elected officials.

A close friend of mine is in Washington, D.C. this week to attend a journalism training conference; her and her roommate went to visit with Illinois’ own, Representative Jerry Costello who represents the 12th District. The two girls wanted to talk to Costello about journalism in America. Once Costello found out that the conference was focusing on Fox News Channel, he started bashing the news channel, calling it a bias news station. Mr. Costello did not need to be complaining about a news channel to a couple teenage girls who just wanted to meet their Congressman. I find this extremely disrespectful, not only because he used poor judgment while meeting with a couple constituents, but because FNC is a very fair and balanced news channel. Please wise up Congressman Costello and quit being so disrespectful.

Just days after “Obamacare” was passed in Congress, another of Illinois’ finest politicians disrespected the Constitution of the United States and our Founding Fathers who created our fine Constitution. Representative Phil Hare of the 17th District (my home district)┬ásaid, “I don’t worry about the Constitution when it comes to this..” I don’t know about you, but when a elected official doesn’t care about how constitutional a bill may be I get very worried about where this nation is headed. Come November let’s not worry about Phil Hare’s future and vote him out of Congress.

This next Representative may not be from Illinois, but he is still a Congressman and was very disrespectful to his constituents. Please take the time to watch this clip and see if you agree with me.

Congressman Pete Stark (D-CA) was extremely disrespectful to the people who voted him into Congress and shows how arrogant America’s Left has become. How can a United States Representative be so rude as to say, “who are you gonna kill today.” The Campo Minutemen are just American patriots who are trying to defend their land, if the government would do their job, these men wouldn’t have to watch and protect themselves and their neighbors. Pete Stark must leave Congress come November; maybe he could join the Minutemen.

These are just a few examples of how disrespectful and arrogant the left has become, please Illinois Conservatives unite and help us get these out of touch men out of Congress.